Innovation in Albania

Crafting Innovation in Albania, One Project at a Time.

From entrepreneurs and engineers to artists and educators, we welcome all who share our passion for crafting innovation.

What We Do

Learn new things


Discover, explore, and expand your knowledge. With Things Lab you’ll find workshops, courses, and resources to help you master new skills and gain insights into the world of making.

Make new things


Bring your ideas to life in our fully-equipped fabrication space. In the Make area, you’ll have access to cutting-edge tools, materials, and expert guidance to turn your concepts into tangible creations.



Collaboration is in our heart. We share expertise, projects, and experiences with the community. Connect with fellow makers and companies, showcase your work, and foster innovation together in the share zone.

Are you ready to apply what you've studied in theory but never put into practice? With us, you can do just that!