Aldo Ziflaj

Software Developer / IT Professional

Aldo Ziflaj is a seasoned and adaptable software engineer with extensive experience in various roles throughout Europe. Currently, he holds the position of the Engineering Technical Lead at Dealfront, where his primary focus is on improving the productivity and tools used by fellow engineers. Previously, Aldo played a crucial role in the Billing team at Dealfront, contributing significantly to the successful transition to an event-driven microservices architecture and the streamlining of payment processes.

Boasting nearly a decade-long career and holding a Master’s in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Aldo possesses a solid foundation in designing modular architectures and building scalable applications. This expertise has been demonstrated across multiple companies throughout Europe. His proficiency spans a range of programming languages and technologies, making him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

What I like


Why use a bloated IDE when you can build your own IDE


The philosophy behind it and the flexibility that comes with it

Recreational Programming

I have live-coded games to teach people how to think in computer terms, I wrote a Git copycat and a Ruby framework just for sheer enjoyment

Male hand stacking three wooden dices to assemble a Yes you can sign.

My last adventures

RLFO Newsletter

Running the weekly RLFO newsletter (if you can add the link I’d be grateful)

Keyboard Geek

Constructed my own, custom-made mechanical keyboard

Teaching Engineering

Teaching the next generation of engineering masters in the Polytechnic University of Tirana

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