Orven Bregu

IT Professional / Tech Evangelist

Orven Bregu is a highly skilled IT professional with extensive experience in IT administration, specializing in equipment procurement, imaging, software installation, and troubleshooting. His background encompasses roles as a Field Service Engineer and Project Manager. Orven has a strong commitment to open-source culture and community engagement, notably as a Community Manager and Chairman in organizations promoting innovation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering and has received multiple certifications in the medical equipment and IT fields. Orven’s diverse experiences reflect his adaptability and dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration.
Management Skills 85%
Technical Skills 96%
Networking 87%

What I like

Creative Challenges

I'm passionate about tackling creative projects, whether it's writing, design, or DIY crafts.

Collaborative Learning

I thrive in environments where I can learn from others and share knowledge, making collaborative endeavors a constant source of inspiration.

Nurturing future talents

I find great fulfillment in helping young people discover their skills, nurture their passions, and thrive in their pursuits.

Male hand stacking three wooden dices to assemble a Yes you can sign.

My last adventures

From EU Service to Entrepreneurship

This transition underscores my strong resolve to venture into uncharted territories, leveraging my extensive background, and leaving a lasting mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Restarting for Success

Relaunching Things Lab with a Fresh Vision and Purpose to Catalyze Innovative Endeavors.

Designed a New Socially Impactful Adventure

Spearheaded a Transformative Initiative, Pioneering Social Impact and Innovation.

Would you like to work with me?

Prepare yourself

Assess your skills, knowledge, and resources to determine how you can contribute effectively. Familiarize yourself with the goals and values of Things Lab to align your efforts with our mission. Take the time to understand the unique strengths you bring to Things Lab.

Set your Objectives

Clearly define your objectives and expectations. Identify what you hope to achieve and how your participation will help Things Lab to grow. Articulate your vision, outlining the specific outcomes you aim to deliver and the value you bring.

Connect and Engage

Take proactive steps to engage in collaborative work. Initiate contact to express your interest in working together. Establish open lines of communication to facilitate discussions about potential projects, ideas, and the scope of our collaboration.


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